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Video Director-----------Mark Storey
Music Director-----------Gary Branch
Host ----------------------Alix Gates

--Camera Operators--
Darrell Ethridge
Beth Moore
PA Intern TBA
                 Executive Producers
            Mark Storey & Gary Branch
                 Season One

Episode #1
1, Silver Sel "Icarus"
2. DuShane Band "When I walk Out"
3. Garrett Collins Band "Full Moon Crazy"
4. Autumn Lowber "Simple"
5. Big Engine "Turn It On"
6. J LaPalme Band "The Edge Of The Storm"

Episode #2
1. The Matt Brantley Band " Living Outside the Line"
2. Ashley Wineland "No Prince Charming"
3. The Orange Constant "So Young, So Old"
4. Coffey Anderson " Mr. Red White and Blue"
5. Far From Over "Reprise"

Episode #3
1. Olivia Lane "Steal Me Away"
2. Mama T Band "The Dog Song"
3. Rachel Timberlake "Whiskey Bent Wings"
4. Five 40 " Feelin' Allright"
5. Jessica Lynn "Over You"

Episode #4
1. Paul Bogart Oklahoma "Cowboy Ride"
2. Leslie Cours Mather "Hell Hath No Fury"
3. The Orange Constant "Emily"
4. Dallas Smith "Kids With Cars"
5. Moonlight Social "Rub A Little Dirt"
6. Callie Twisselman "Hung Me On The Line"

Episdoe #5
1. Blake Reid "Stay Home"
2. Lindsey Bryant "Get Down and Giddy Up"
3. The Jacob Martin Band "Look What You Started"
4. Mitchell Tenpenny "Love & Rock N' Roll"
5. Syde Project "Down That Road"
6. Stephanie Quayle "That's What I'm Talking About"

Episode #6
1. Amanda Lamb "Barefoot"
2. Whitney Morgan "Waitin Round To Die"
3. Alexandra Demetree "Outta My Head"
4. Kyle Douglas "Clean Hands"
5. Paul Phillips
6. Coffey Anderson "Magazine Girl"

Episode #7
1. Abbey Cone "Southern Charm"
2. Leah Turner "Cowboy Love"
3. James Robert Webb "Making Love Tonight"
4  Doris Brendel "Going Out"
5. Dylan Scott "Crazy Over Me"
6. Big Engine "Shake that thing"
7. Brandi Carlile "The Things I regret"

Episode #8 
1.Brian Collins "Never Really Left
2.Doris Brendel "Drawing The Line"
3.Tyler Boone "Take Aim"
4.Far From Over" Afford"
5.Moonlight Social "Heading South"
6. Big Engine "No Money"
7. The Stickers "Countrified

Episode #9
1. Rachele Lynae "Quicksand"
2.Drew Baldridge "Dance With Ya"
3.The Kate Hasting Band "Behind The Bleachers"
4. The J Lapalme Band " I Need A Love"
5. Kris Angelis "Not Your Fault"
6.The Cains "Knock, Knock"
7. Jake Worthington "Just Keep Falling In Love"

Episode #10
1. Anthony Crane and The Downright "Meet Me In The Garden"
2. Broseph E. Lee "Right Where She Wants Me"
3. Tyler Boone "Austin"
4. Shae Dupuy "Tin Man"
5. Homegrown Band "She Loves To Ride"
6. Jessica Lynn " Not Your Woman"

Episode #11
1. Cassidy Diana "Wheels Gonna Turn"
2. Matt Stillwell "Hey Dad"
3. Through the Roots "Bear With Me"
4. Moonlight Social "Brothers"
5. Angela Reigh " I Wanna Ride The Bull"
6. Big Engine "That Girls A Freak"
7. Tyler Boone "Don’t Forget My Name"

Episode #12
1. Sam Outlaw "Angeleno"
2. The Green "Come In"
3. The J Lapalme Band "Move Over"
4. Chris Tomlin "Good Good Father"
5. Cassidy Diana Band "Better Be Good"
6. Doris Brendel "Latest Fantasy"

Episode #13
1. Brian Collins "Shine A Little Love"
2. Sowflo "Keep Cool"
3. Doris Brendel "The Devil Shut The Door On Me"
4. Far From Over "Brightest Star"
5. Tyler Boone "Let It Go"

Episode #14
1 . Taryn Papa "Persuaded"
2. Dave & Whitney "Alibi"
3. Stephen Hunley "Oklahoma:"
4. Hannah McNeil "Unbroken Angels"
5. Justin Dukes "Lovin You"
6.Jeff Plankhorn "Trouble Find Me"
7. The Green "Something About It"
8. Sarah Peacock "Hurricane"
9. Steve Dawson "Little Silver

Episode #15
1. Jeff Plankhorn "Trouble Find Me"
2. The Green "Something About It"
3. Sarah Peacock "Hurricane"
4. Steve Dawson "Little Silver"
5. Coffey Anderson "Tacos and Margaritas"

Episode #16
1.Cassidy Diana Band "Something Sweet"
2. Olivia Lane "Make My Own Sunshine"
3. Wayne Garner "Love Drunk Fool"
4. Sol Seed "Fresh Squeezed"
5. Jessica Mack "Drive"
6. Eric Bibb "Happiest Man In The World" EPK
7. Patriot Guard Short Film

Episode #17
1. Coffey Anderson "Hillbilly Gangster"
2. Passafire "Dimming Sky"
3. Jessica Lynn "Takin' Over"
4. Justin Dukes "Nobody's Fault But Mine"
5. Doris Brendel " She Just Won't Eat"
6. Dulcie Taylor " When The Cherokee Roam

Episode #18
2. Jessica Lynn " Not Half Bad"
3. Brian Collins " Healing Highway"
4.Failing Acts Of Society "Sinning"
5. Cheezy and the Crackers "Home"

Episode #19
1. Leslie Cours Mather "That Was The Whiskey"
2. Tony Jackson "Drink By Drink"
3. Spenser's Own "Living In The Moment"
4.Justin Dukes "Mexico"
5. Arise Roots "Better Man"

​Episode #20 
1. Travis Meadows "Old Ghosts" 
2. Holly Tucker "More Than Just A Word L-O-V-E"
3. Sarah Peacock "Haystack"
4. Demun Jones "Lakehouse"
5. Holdger Peterson 40th Anniversary of Stony Plain Records interview
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                             Season 2

Episode #40
1.Billy Ray Cyrus "Thin Line"
2. Kurt Thomas "Sweet"
3. Lucas Hoge "Boom Boom"
4. Sara Collins "Love Sick Cinderella"
5. Corvette Show Warner Robins Georgia
6. Meiko "I Do"

Nighttrain #39 
1. Maggie Baugh "Heck Of A Story"
2. Meiko "Perfect Fit"
3. Brian Collins "Darkest Hour"
4. Hawgs For Hope conclusion
5. Ellee ven "Underwater"

Episode #38
1. Tami Neilson “Holy Moses”
2. Angela Reigh “Obvious”
3. Tennessee Werewolves “Fulsom Prison Blues”
4. Hogs For Hope, Ride for Jays Hope  (Part 1)
5. Marie Digby “Neon Rain”
6. Aubrey Logan “In the Studio”

Episode #37
1. Steve Dorian "Edge Of Eighteen"
2. Carly Jo Jackson "Oh Yeah"
3. The John Stanley Band "Angelina"
4. Maggie Baugh "Country Boy"
5. Tennessee Werewolves "Cowboy"
6. Future Generation "What's Inside Of Me"

Episode #36
1.Maggie Baugh "Midnight Muddin"
2. April Kry "Fireflies"
3. Casey Donahew "Kiss Me"
4. Skye Claire "Pawn Shop"
5. Aubrey Logan "I Don't Wanna Tell Nobody"
6. The John Stanley Band "Never Too Old To Rock and Roll

Episode #35
​1. Susa "The Trail"
2. Ellee Ven "You Me Us Oui"
3. The Bob Lanza Blues Band "Hero to Zero"
4. The John Stanley Band "Don't Play With Fire"
5. Hirie "You Won't Be Alone"
6. Leslie Cours Mather "We Are America Behind The Scenes"

Episode #34
1. Leslie Cours Mather "We Are America"
2. American Young, "Be Here".  
3. Doug Lawler "Most of it Left". 
4. Ric Delozier, "Underworld". 
4. Ryan Daniel, "Feel Good Feeling"
5. Bailey Bryant RC Aircraft

Episode #33
1. Wayne Garner "Voodoo Queen"
2. Tony McKee "Lightning Bugs"
3. Michael Tyler "Crazy Last Night"
4. Aubrey Logan "Bills"
5. Ruthie Collins "Dear Dolly"
6. Sugar Shack Sessions

Episode #32
1. Brent Gafford " My Old Mustang"
2. Milton Patton "Get Us in Trouble"
3. Ronnie Earl "Stony Plain Records 40 year Anniversary"
4. Wheeland Brothers "Settle for the Sunrise"
5. Johnny Nicholas" Fresh Air EPK"
6. The Southern Experience Band "My Redneck of the Wood

Episode #31
Coffey Anderson-- "I Wanna be your Cowboy
Brian Collins and the making of "Never Really Left"
Anni Piper-- "Paper Bag"
Nighttrain continues with another feature on Wheels with a closer look at Durhamtown Off Road Park in 
Union Point Georgia- Video courtesy of Brian Fisher of Fisher's ATV 
Robert Coleman from Macon. Georgia Robert is a former member of the James Brown Band  

Episode #30
Tate Stevens-- "Sweet Life"
Brittany McLamb -- "I like where this is going"
Amber Leigh-- Texas with "Float
Sprout-- "Inspire"
Dylan Scott from New Orleans with "My Girl"

Episode #29
1. Savannah Alday " Hard Edge Woman"
2. Homegrown Band "Summer Song"
3. The Fast Mothers "New Staxx"
4. The Expanders " Something Wrong"
5. Devices Divide Us " As You Wish"
6. Acidic " Chicago "

Episode #28
1. Shae Dupuy " In My Father's Eyes"
2. Post Monroe "Red Hot American Summer"
3. Drew Baldridge "Rebound"
4. Rick Monroe "Great Minds Think Alike"

Episode #27
1. Carly Jo Jackson "Red Wine & White Shoes"
2. Drew Baldridge "She's Taken"
3, Locash " I Know Somebody"
4. New Kingston " LA LA LA"
5. Ruckus "Leavin' Home"

Episode #26
1. Drew Baldridge "Train"
2. Drew Fish Band " Small Price To Pay"
3. Billy Ray Cyrus "Hey Elvis"
4. Jeremy Graham " She Made Off"
5. Nick Nichols "Hero"
6. Carly Jo Jackson " Wildflower"

Episode #25
1. Carly Jo Jackson "Out Of The Blue"
2. Nick Nichols " The High Cost Of Loving"
3. Coffey Anderson "All The Way To Texas "
4. Taylor Loren " My Shotgun"
5. The Movement "Habit"

Episode #24
1. Jerrod Niemann "A Little More Love"
2. Parker Milsap "Pining"
3. Ronnie Dean Tinsley " Southern Ways"
4. Flagship Romance " Scare Yourself"
5. Dream Aria " Fallen Angel"
6. Troy Kemp " Small Town Girl"

Episode #23
1.Coffey Anderson "Wedding Song"
2. 2 Steel girls "Mad Black Magic"
3. Rick Monroe "Midnight Rider"
4. Appleseed Collective "Darling"
5. Jeremy Graham Band "Early Morning Monday"
6. Demun Jones "The Muddy Muddy"

Episode #22
1. Marie Osmond "Music Is Medicine"
2. Rick Monroe "Just The Same"
3. Paul Bogart "Grow"
4. James Robert Webb "How That Feels"
5. Taylor Loren "Her Soul"
6. Patriot Guard "Short Film"
7. 2Steel Girls "Take Me Back"

Episode #21
1. Rick Monroe "Fire's Out"
2. Diamond Dixie "Don't Come Back Around"
3. Come Back Alice "Coraline"
4. Coffey Anderson "Too Blessed to be Stressed"
5. Cassidy Diana "Wheels Gonna Turn"/ Gray Georgia Antique Car Show
6. The Freecoasters "Keep Moving"

Sorted by Episode Number
               Season 3

Nighttrain #42 11/6/16
1. 2Steel Girls "Red White and Blue Girls"
2. Mitch Hayes "All Fall Down"
3. Coffey Anderson "Mighty To Save"
4. Tyler Boone "Don't Let Me Down"
5. GMC Car Show Warner Robins
6. Tatanka "Give Green"

Nighttrain #41 10/23/16
1. Carol Albert "Mas Que Nada"
2. Kirsty Lee Akers "I Will"
3. The Runaway Hamsters "A Little Country"
4. Tony Jackson "Nashville Cats"
5. Stephanie Urbina Jones "Vamonos"
 Nighttrain Show #40 10/16/16
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