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How To Get On The Show
We're seeking Groups and Individual Artists with original music who already have an existing marketing plan,with existing Music Videos that can be imported into our Music Video Series, Nighttrain TV. These videos must be HD compatible, .mov, H.264, or mp4 format, and Mastered Music Tracks.  

Now we understand that not everyone has their own Music Video, but what if I told you that we would love to make one Music Video for you for the unheard of price of $250, which includes recording your original song in our state of the art recording studio, as well as a video shoot on our sound stage for each song you do with us. 

You will receive a DVD with your video shoot as well as a CD master after broadcast, or in the case that your 3 songs don't meet our storyboard requirements, you will receive your cd/dvd in 5 business days after video taping.

Please help us spread the word so we can improve our ability to promote your music..Our Video shoot offers 2 high def cameras and 4ultra hi def cameras, with up to 4 takes of each song, that's up to 24 camera angles, as well as a studio master from our state of the art audio production facility with all post production included.  

The only obligation is to allow us to use your Music Video on our TV Series, and post it to our Social Media Sites as well as here, our own website..We will not sell your music video or your music and we own no rights to either, except as previously noted.

Just go to our Contact Us page, and give us a call or email...We will screen your Music Video, Music, or demo to see if it qualifies for the show, and we're off to promoting your Talent in style. Brand Your Band with the latest state of the art technologies...".Brand Your Band" is a Trademark of CrossChart Entertainment Group.

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