In July 2015, Mark Storey and Gary Branch combined talents and assets, to form Nighttrain TV.

Storey Communications, a multi-media A/V company and CrossChart Entertainment Group, a recording studio and indie record label joined forces with the purpose of becoming a syndicated Music TV Show, based on Musical and Acting Talent from Georgia, as well as the rest of the world..  We tied Safety to the show, to remind all of us, that we live in a very complex society, which sometimes overwhelms us, and being human, we get distracted and don't always do the safest thing.
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 In this article I am going to try to outline the production that goes into each show as well as some stats on our first quarter.

Our Audio/Video Production departments put in over 100 hours a week for each show, sales and PR racks up about 40 hours a week, talent search department puts in about 35 hours a week, and on air talent scores about 10 hours a week..Each show totals approximately 185 hours a week and it’s all done by two full timers, and 3 part timers..

Drawing from over 95 years of experience, our team makes it happen. You can always catch the credits to see who puts their talents to work for each show, but here is a list;

Mark Storey Executive Producer/Director/VideographerPR/Talent Search/Sales
Gary Branch Executive Producer/Audio/Engineering/PR/Talent Search/Sales
Alix Gates Host/PR/Talent Search/Sales
Beth Moore Videographer/PR
Darrell Ethridge Videographer

81 Artists have participated in our show lineups for our first quarter, and there is still more to come..Our Artist Roster is filled with original talent worldwide. 

Many heartfelt thanks go out to our crew and their families. Their hard work is paying off and we appreciate each and every one of them. Our Artists are the meat and potatoes of our show, and we love them as well, so… their music, support original spins the wheels of our lives. Be Safe Everyone GB

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