April 8, 2016

Well, we've been busy around here, working to make our show better for you. What do you think so far? What would you like to see us do with it? ​This Blog features:- Upcoming shows- Our Picks- New photos- Showcases- And much more!!​
 ​We're looking for a Production Assistant to help us with our daily production tasks. Perfect for someone looking for part time work, with experience working with video and audio technologies, marketing, and general public relations for television productions. This position is currently open and is an internship. Perfect for a retiree, college student, or anyone with some extra time to share and become an integral part of our show. This position will work into a paying position as the show progresses. Call Gary at 478 737 2077 for more information.These Blogs will feature:
- Upcoming shows
- New photos
- Comments
- And much more!!

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Artist Spotlight: Justin Dukes
Nighttrain TV Blog
164 Riverbend Dr. /  Macon, GA 31211
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  Justin and his band knocked us out last week when 
they came to our production studio and sound stage.     Their performances were one takers, and one of a kind, for sure..

Justin showed us that he was prepared to make us sit down and take notes..and that's exactly what he did. These guys are seasoned performers, individual songwriters/producers and they make it all look so easy..

You've just gotta catch their act when they come to town..just plain ole great Country Music, with some of the most kick ass country licks I've ever heard..

Enjoy their three music videos in the upcoming weeks..
Sarah Peacock visited us last week and gave us a really huge treat.  She allowed us to interview her as well as record one of her songs right here in the studioplex.  

Along with the interview and performance, she signed a cd,poster and gave us all a huge hug. She started her tour the following Monday and is on her way across the country in her trusty tour bus...what a lady. We can't wait for here to stop back by here..Thanks Sarah. You're the BEST!!
Artist Spotlight--Sarah Peacock
Hello Passengers---We're ecstatic about our progress on statewide syndication.  More on that as it unfolds.

Our first season went very well, with huge gains on viewership. The responses received from our viewers help with our production.Thanks to everyone for your input.

We're asking for anyone interested in becoming an Apprentice Production Assistant., to please contact Gary for more information. This is an unpaid part time position. 

Our first season ended with a huge BANG!!! Viewership, advertising, sponsorship, and local support have improved exponentially, and we couldn't be happier. Thank you Central Georgia for your approval.

Stacey recently wrote a song about Gray, GA..her home town, and in a matter of 3 days, received over 40,000 likes on Facebook..Now that's a hit..and just goes to prove how popular she has become. Thanks Jones County.

We have submitted press releases to the Jones County News, as well as The Eleventh Hour, so keep your eyes open for it.

We are still looking for Georgia Artists for the show, so if you know someone that would fit our show, let us know..we'll do the rest.

Well, that's all for now. Be safe as summer approaches, kids are getting out of school, and motorcycles are becoming more prevalent on the roadways..Railroad Crossings are still a very dangerous issue in Georgia, so stop, look both ways before crossing, and never, never try to beat a train.. ALL ABOARD, and have fun.
Artist Spotlight--The John Stanley Band                      
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The John Stanley Band joined us last week to contribute 3 songs to our show. You're  in for a treat from this group. These guys have been working in the Southeastern US for many many years and I'm sure you've heard them at one time or another over the years.

We had such a great time working with them in the studio. They're seasoned professionals and the workflow went as smooth as silk. 

We're in the process of scheduling the video shoot, so more to come soon..